Foo Fighters: Guardian Angels (2005) 1 hour 16 min


Attempting to pick up where Nirvana left off, Dave Grohl and his everchanging line up of FooFighters were doomed to failure upon the release of their debut in 1995.It is therefore with respect due, that 10 years on the band are ready to release their fifth album, and the signs are that it could be their best yet. With four classics under their belt and their popularity always heading upwards with each new release, this could well be the Foos finest summer to date! With numerous festival appearances scheduled and a European tour to follow, the time couldn’t be better for fans to go behind the scenes and get the full low down on this extraordinary band.They can do just that with Foo Fighters:Guardian Angels, the first ever Foo Fighters documentary DVD.Going right back to Grohl’s pre Nirvana punk roots, with previously unseen concert footage from that time and coming right up to date with the recording sessions for ‘In Your Honor’ this is one film that no Foos fan will want to be without.

Cast and Crew